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In Person Performance Audit

Noticed your utility bill are high? Request a in person 100% accuracy home performance audit to find out why.

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Need to create leverage on your investment property?

If you own one or more of the 14 million income-producing rental homes in the US and, like most, are holding all-cash, we should talk. Whether you want cash out or leverage to expand your holdings, look no further. We can help with creating value through reducing expenses. Our 100% in person home audit will provide you with a report and a guide to 100% home efficiency.

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In person audit for free.

The performance audit provides a detailed guide to increase energy efficiency with suggestion such as upgrade to Solar Energy System to Zero Net Energy and everything in between. When we come out to your property we'll not just provide you with a report but also a plan to get to a 100% home efficiency.

Common Questions

  • What is a House Energy Audit?

    A home energy audit is the first step in improving your home's energy efficiency. To get started you would first need to request an in person home audit, which provides you a 100% accuracy guide on improving your home efficiency.

  • Can a Home Be Too Tight?

    One of the most common myths among owners of aging homes is that it's a good thing for their homes to be leaky. Many articles susgest that's not true and that the relationship between air sealing, energy goes hand in hand.

  • The Importance of Air Sealing?

    Air sealing is perhaps the most important step you can take in increasing the energy efficiency of your home. Homes burn through a mortifying 21% of the energy used in the United States. A lot of that energy is spent heating and cooling your house. And even worse, a whole lot of that energy is spent heating and cooling your backyard and front porch, through leaks and holes in your building envelope. Sealing those holes increases the home efficiency.

  • How are you better than alternatives?

    Well, we’ve basically taken the energy audit process and enhanced it to put more emphasis on your comfort concerns. Most energy audits are focused on energy efficiency alone while our Home Performance Audit is a more comprehensive approach that helps identify how you can achieve a healthier, safer, more comfortable, AND more energy efficient home.

  • What states are you currently in?

    Sterling Construction is an integrated trades construction company that's currently located in California. Many more states are coming in the near future.

  • Who can I talk to for support?

    We're standing by. Please call 1-888-221-6663, Help@ebuilderservices.com, or live chat with us if you need help at any point.

Why Sterling Construction?

Property Audit

We provide a 100% accuracy in person home audit to help you build a home efficiency plan.

Free In Person

Say goodbye to expensive home efficancy audits we provide in person audits for free

Simple Process

Our 100% accuracy process is simple, with streamlined questions and up to date equipment.

Ready to request an in person audit?

Simple. Competitive. A process you'll love.

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