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Real assets. Create strong returns.

Want outstanding yields from your real estate portfolio? Look no further.

Make your assests attractive. With returns you'll love.

Upgrade your commercial property with us and get access to our high yields knowledge, a wide array of upgrade products, create a fractional diversification in your real estate assets, and increase your properties returns on investment.

Oh yeah, did we mention it's free to get a commercial audit? It's a win-win-win-win-win.

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Institutional quality commercial property audit.

You benefit from a reliable, institutional-grade platform trusted by some of the largest furtune 500 firms in the world. Get access to sophistication and quality with none of the complexity or fees.

Build a diversified strategy in minutes.

Take control or lean back. You can pick individual upgrade areas or we can build you one instantly. Either way, it’s easy to start increasing your income immediately with a collection of commercial tools you can trust.

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It's easy to upgrade...

1. Create An Account

Create your secure commercial audit account and complete your commercial property questionnaire.

2. Choose Upgrades

View our wide array of upgrade opportunities. Filter by any criteria. Assess the risk/reward profile.

3. Increase Returns

Complete the suggested upgrades and increase your real estate investment returns.

Need a loan for your commercial property upgrade?

Unlike other contractors who send you to outside sources for financing your commercial upgrade project we provide in house financing through our lending division. We don't require credit and we finance at zero percent interest.

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Need a residential home upgrade?

We provide performance audit for residential single family homes. Upgrade with us and cut back on residential fixed costs and increase your monthly income.

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Common Questions

  • How do I use the platform?

    The Sterling Construction comercial property platform makes it very easy to upgrade across the spectrum for both large institutions and individual property investors. Institutions who want to upgrade should call us to setup a time to talk. Individuals who want to upgrade can self-serve signup, see comercial property upgrade opportunities immediately, and upgrade within days.

  • Who is a commercial property investor?

    Commercial property investor is an indavidual or instation that invests in property that is used solely for business purposes. Examples of commercial real estate include malls, office parks, restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores and office towers and Multifamily residential. Commercial real estate is one of the three primary types of real estate. The other types are signle family 1-4 unit residential real estate, which is used for living purposes; and industrial real estate, which is used for manufacturing and production. The businesses that occupy commercial real estate usually lease the space. An investor usually owns the building and collects rent from each business that operates there.

    On the institutional side, investors look for areas that would increase the amount of monthly return, and hence increase its profits.

  • What is the process like for an individual investor?

    To become an commercial real estate investor on the Sterling Construction platform, sign up as an real estate investor to get started. We’ll guide you through our quick verification process to confirm your eligibility to use our commercial platform. Then, you can with suite of upgrade option in your account account, specify the requested upgrades, and schedule a meeting with our commercial upgrade specialist.

  • Can I pick my commercial upgrades or are they assigned?

    Institutions generally work with us on a forward flow basis which is we recommend upgrades and they choose which ones would be most beneficial according to our recomendations. Between the time the upgrades are provided to the investor and when the upgrades are done is up to the investors. Investors can login to their investor dashboard and view their recommendations.

    Individuals are able to login, browse/search all upgrade opportunities, select ones that interest them, and contact our upgrade specialist to complete the job.

  • Are there minimum commercial upgrade amounts?

    We have no minimum required for us to complete a performance upgrade, but we do ask that once we provide an upgrade that the investor stays engaged in completing process of upgrading.

  • How long would the commercial performace audit and completion would take?

    Usually the commercial audit should take no more than 3 minutes online and several hours once we arrive at the property. Once we provide you with a commercial property assessment we also provide a time frame for completion and a cost estimate.

  • What happens if I don't have the money to complete the upgrades?

    Our unique advantage in having a vertically integrated real estate construction company give us the ability to finance every project with no credit requirements. Our motto is that if you own your property and need financing for upgrades we'll approve you.

  • Who can I talk to for support?

    We're standing by. Please call 1-888-221-6663, Invest@ebuilderservices.com, or live chat with us if you need help at any point.

Why upgrade with Sterling Construction?

Unbeatable Returns

We offer unique products which will yield high returns through our upgrades and we provide rigorous credit for our clients.

Turnkey Access

You signup, complete our questionnaire, upgrade, and begin earning. That’s it. We do everything else.

Reliable Income

Through our steady property upgrades you'll see investment gains come to you backed by the confidence that you have a company like us backing you up.

Ready to build your performace audit?

Real savings. Strong returns. Upgrade today.

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